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In this article we explore some of the key digital health issues that are impacting health outcomes in the Gambia.1.High-risk populations are over-represented in digital media in GambiaThe Gambia has a high number of individuals living with a high-risk of infection and therefore has high levels of infection.This means that people are more likely to…

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In this article we explore some of the key digital health issues that are impacting health outcomes in the Gambia.


High-risk populations are over-represented in digital media in GambiaThe Gambia has a high number of individuals living with a high-risk of infection and therefore has high levels of infection.

This means that people are more likely to fall into these high-priority populations.

These populations are often young and urbanised, making them vulnerable to the transmission of new and emerging infections.


Digital media is highly responsive to demand for digital content and content deliveryThe Gambias digital media landscape is highly adaptable, which means that it can adapt to new technologies and the needs of the users.

As a result, digital media services are able to provide a wide range of content to their users, which can increase the user’s digital health experience.


Digital content is easily accessible and affordableDigital content can be accessed and delivered at affordable prices.

For example, in a recent survey, nearly 80 per cent of respondents said that they had a smartphone with a microSD card, and many also have a laptop or tablet.

This allows them to stream content to a large number of devices in a matter of seconds.


The Gambia is the only country in Africa to implement a national digital health strategyThere is a strong focus on digital health across all sectors of the economy.

However, the country is only one of a number of African countries where digital health initiatives are being implemented.

The national digital strategy in Gambias national healthcare system focuses on digital content, health information and health monitoring, which is key to increasing digital health literacy and health access.

The country also aims to ensure that digital content is accessible and accessible to all in a timely manner.


Access to healthcare services is an important driver for digital health in the countryA study by the Gambian Centre for Research on AIDS (CIRADA) shows that digital health awareness and access in Gambian healthcare is an essential driver for the implementation of digital health strategies.

This is particularly true in rural communities where healthcare is often underfunded and inaccessible.

Access is also an important factor in the implementation and delivery of health services.

This suggests that the government’s strategy will be a key driver of digital digital health for the country in the future.


Digital health is a priority for Gambias government and private sector leadersDigital health is an area of focus for the government, as the Gambias is a rapidly developing country and is currently experiencing a global economic downturn.

This makes it important that government, private and industry leaders understand the impact of digital content on digital and social media users.


Digital platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are becoming a key part of digital awareness for GambiansCommunity engagement on social media platforms is critical for the uptake of digital information and awareness of digital and health topics.

There is a growing trend in the region to engage Gambias youth and young adults on social platforms to engage with digital content.

This can have a positive impact on digital awareness, and help ensure that the population is connected to digital content in the long run.


The digital health infrastructure is underdevelopedDigital health services are accessible to most Gambians.

This includes health information, health monitoring and digital content delivery, and access to healthcare resources is also available.

The current infrastructure for digital services in Gambiae health system is in place, which will make it easier for Gambia to deliver digital content to its citizens.


There are no national plans to implement digital digital and physical health initiatives in the near futureThe Gambian government has not identified any plans to introduce a national policy to address digital and digital health.

However in 2016, the Gambiae Health Ministry published a strategy to build digital and virtual health networks across the country.


The Government is making progress in digital health and health information literacyThe Gambians National Digital Health and Information Strategy 2016 outlines a number that are currently being implemented in digital content creation and delivery and digital literacy.

These include:Creating and managing digital content with social media contentCreating and sharing health content with the mediaCreating and distributing digital content through the media, through social media and in-person educationThe Gambiae National Digital Information Strategy is a comprehensive plan to develop digital content strategies for the Gambians and improve digital health services and outcomes.

It is important to note that the strategy is only the first step towards the Gambie National Digital Media Strategy and is not a complete or comprehensive blueprint.

It also lacks key digital content data and metrics to assess the health and digital outcomes of the country’s digital and medical content markets.


The government is working to ensure a seamless digital and healthcare systemThe Gambiah government has taken steps to ensure access to digital and mobile health services across the Gambiams health system.

The Health Ministry has launched a mobile health platform, which allows Gambiaans to access health information via the internet and mobile devices.

It has also launched a digital health platform called Gambia Online, which offers digital health advice


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